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Alternative Thinking

The Role of Alternative Beta Premia

Alternative beta premia—dynamic long-short strategies—offer effective diversified sources of return. To us, the most useful classifications are hedge fund strategy premia and style premia, two complementary approaches


Consistency of Carry Strategies in Europe

In this chapter, we focus on strategies in the European bond market that shift money from government bonds to higher-yielding credits. While most carry strategies seem to add value in the long run, some strategies appear more risky than others.


AQR's DELTA Strategy

In late 2007, AQR focused its years of research on capturing the classical hedge fund strategies in a systematic way by "creating our own product that would seek to deliver these strategies in a risk-balanced and efficiently implemented way.


Challenges and Innovation in Hedge Fund Management

The increasing institutionalization of hedge funds brings with it many challenges. AQR's Cliff Asness provides an assessment of key issues that arise as a consequence, focusing on the areas of benchmarking, transparency, fees, and risk management.

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Do Hedge Funds Add Value?

If an investor can find an asset that is uncorrelated with his or her portfolio and has a positive expected return, that asset may be very valuable at improving the risk-adjusted return of the entire portfolio.

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Do Hedge Funds Hedge?

Intentionally or unintentionally, hedge funds appear to price their securities at a lag, we found in a cursory examination of monthly returns from 1994-2000.

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Sources of Change and Risk for Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are becoming much more institutionalized.

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The Future Role of Hedge Funds

Hedge funds represent the future of active management, and that future will consist of two complementary elements.

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An Alternative Future: Part I

Depending on whom you ask, hedge funds are either the wave of the future or a dangerous fad that has been grossly overcapitalized, and all will end in ruin.