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SNAFU: Situation Normal, All-FANGed Up

Cliff tackles a story making the rounds about stock market performance in 2015. Was it, in fact, very “narrow” and driven by the “FANG” stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google)?

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Restrictions on Short Selling

In this paper we review the theoretical and empirical evidence on both short sales and restrictions on short sales, concentrating on the uptick rule.

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Risk and Return of Equity Index Collar Strategies

Equity index collar strategies are often perceived as a way for investors, at little to no cost, to exchange some upside exposure for reduced losses on the downside.

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Sell-Side School Ties

In the equities market, security analysts are among the most important agents in revealing information to investors.

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Shark Repellents and Managerial Myopia

Critics of hostile corporate takeovers frequently assert that takeover pressure forces managers to sacrifice profitable, but slow-yielding, long-term investments in favor of less-producting short-term investments that offer immediate returns.Evidence supporting takeover-induced short-sightedness, or myopia, is largely anecdotal, but a new economic model predicts that adopting measures to discourage takeovers — so-called shark repellent — will enable corporate managers to increase profitable long-term investments such as research and development (R&D).

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International Diversification Works (Eventually)

Critics of international diversification observe that it does not protect investors against short-term market crashes because markets become more correlated during downturns.

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Investing in the Asset-Growth Anomaly Across the Globe

Several studies have show that slow-growing companies return more to stock-market investors than fast-growing companies, based on the growth in the book value of companies’ assets.

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Macro to Micro: Country Exposures, Firm Fundamentals and Stock Returns

In an increasingly interconnected global system of economic and financial markets, understanding the macroeconomic landscape is important.

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Low-Risk Investing Without Industry Bets

The strategy of buying safe low-beta stocks while shorting (or underweighting) riskier high-beta stocks has been shown to deliver significant risk-adjusted returns.

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Low-Volatility Cycles: The Influence of Valuation and Momentum on Low-Volatility Portfolios

In the “low-volatility” anomaly, researchers have shown that measures of prior stock price variability relate to future performance but not necessarily in the way theory suggests.