ESG Video Introduction

ESG is an increasingly important aspect of investing, but confusion about it remains widespread. At AQR, we strive to foster an engaged and informed dialogue about this rapidly evolving area of investing and are committed to helping our clients achieve their ESG goals. To further the conversation around ESG, here we outline what ESG investing is and how we pursue it, also reviewing the key concepts and potential benefits clients may want to consider when exploring ESG.

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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

ESG has become an increasingly important aspect of investing. We explain what ESG investing is, how we pursue it, and the potential benefits of ESG investing for our clients. 

Risk Management

The risk management function in asset management is central to the investment process. We outline the framework of an enterprise risk management system and explain how it should fit in the business.

Machine Learning

Machine learning has already had an impact on finance, but in certain areas it is still early in its evolution. We explain how it's being used in asset management and how it may improve quantitative investing in the future.

Tax-Aware Investing

A tax-aware investment approach can help taxable investors achieve their financial goals. Here we explain what tax-aware investing strategies are and how they may fit into an investor’s portfolio.

Systematic Fixed Income Investing

Investors can use a repeatable approach to invest not just in equities, but in bonds, too. Here, we explore the ins and outs of this kind of investing and provide rationale for its efficacy.

Alternative Risk Premia

The alternatives space is awash with complexity, but we think alternative risk premia can simplify the landscape dramatically. We explain what these are, where they come from and why we think they make a great strategic allocation.

Systematic Equities Investing

Rigorous, transparent and repeatable. We explain how and why a scientific approach to equity investing works, and delve deeper into several techniques.