Factor/Style Investing

Size Matters, If You Control Your Junk

When it comes to equity investing, size matters—and in a bigger way than once thought—but only when controlling for junk. We examine seven challenges that have been hurled at the size effect and dismantle each one by controlling for a firm's quality.

Journal Article

Fact, Fiction, and the Size Effect

Despite its long and illustrious history, much confusion about the size effect remains. We examine common claims about the size effect and seek to clarify some of the misunderstanding surrounding it.


Quibble Fight!

Cliff takes a look at some of the observations from Arnott et. al., including the idea that prominent factors in modern systematic investing are more effective within small-cap stocks than large-cap, and the impact of controling for quality.


The Small-Firm Effect Is Real, and It's Spectacular

Many have questioned whether size matters. In our research, we resurrect the size effect and find that it matters as much as such stalwarts as value and momentum.

Journal Article

The Role of Shorting, Firm Size and Time on Market Anomalies

The pervasiveness, robustness and magnitude of return premia associated with size, value and momentum has made them the focal point for discussions of market efficiency, etc.