Value Investing

Value investing – buying securities that appear cheap relative to fundamentals – has a long history in financial markets. Explore our library of research on this famed topic.

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Macroeconomic Investing

Rapid economic growth accompanied by large increases in prices for many goods and services has led to unusually high level of uncertainty around inflation. This may prompt investors to question how different inflationary outcomes can impact their portfolio and what they can do to reduce their portfolio's sensitivity. To address investors' questions, we have rounded up some of our best thinking on the topic.

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Portfolio Construction

Diversification. Craftsmanship. What goes into building an effective portfolio? We’ve rounded up our best thinking on the topic.

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Defensive Equity Investing

Defensive Equity is an investment strategy that seeks to provide returns similar to equity markets, but with less risk. Explore our series of papers on the topic to learn more.

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Alternative Investing  

Everything and More

My colleague and former classmate Antti Ilmanen is at it again with his second book, Investing Amid Low Expected Returns. Very rarely does a sequel stand up to the original (see Jaws II), but that's certainly not the case here!

Cliff Asness, AQR

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ESG Investing  

Shorting Counts

Factor/Style Investing  

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