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A Collaborative Force

We build teamwork into everything we do. That means embedding engineers with portfolio managers to develop smarter trading systems. Pairing researchers with business development to offer more valuable answers to clients. Bringing together analysts from all specializations to support our research with meaningful data.

The work here is challenging. And as thoughtful, curious problem-solvers, we challenge everything—together.

A Day in the Life

Each day is different at AQR. There are always new questions to tackle and fresh opportunities for working together. Talk to any of us, and you’ll see.

Yanping Liao

Vice President, Managed Futures Software Developer
M.S. Stanford
B.S. Peking University

I’m working on a new platform that will allow one of our largest funds to re-imagine how we think about research problems and portfolio management. The core challenge is building a system that allows for a high degree of flexibility with the precision needed in managing multibillion-dollar portfolios.

Dan Villalon

Managing Director, Portfolio Solutions Group
M.B.A. University of Chicago
B.A. Pomona College

This week we’re writing an article for Institutional Investor magazine—a special issue on defined contribution, or 401(k), investing. Our piece argues that standard “diversified” retirement portfolios aren’t nearly as well-diversified as they appear to be. Because stocks are generally much more volatile than bonds, they account for the vast majority of portfolio risk. We advocate allocating a portion of that risk to a ‘risk-parity’ strategy, a key concept here at AQR.

Iwan Djanali

Vice President, Client Strategies
M.B.A. Harvard Business School
B.A. Wesleyan

I’m currently working with a large public pension plan to onboard a new equity investment. Delivering a seamless onboarding experience is crucial in giving a good first impression for new clients and maintaining trust for existing clients. It requires close coordination across the client, custodian, counterparties, and various internal teams, including portfolio management, operations, legal, and compliance. This week, I spoke daily with the client to share progress updates on their portfolio transition, and together we determined a target date that would work best for all parties.

We aspire to give our employees an exceptional experience and to help them become the best professionals and people they can be.
—David G. Kabiller

A Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Collaboration fosters inclusion. Our people bring an astonishing range of interests and talents. And we’ve found that diverse perspectives lead to better answers (and richer conversations). Good ideas can come from anywhere. We're proud to have received a 100% in the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index 2019, making AQR one of the “Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality.”

Plugged into NYC and the World

Our proximity puts everything New York City has to offer within easy reach. And, while the heart of AQR is in Greenwich, many of our best minds live in Manhattan and commute together on Metro North—sharing experiences, talking big ideas or immersed in favorite content.

Quanta Academy

Putting Passion for Lifelong Learning into Action

Quanta Academy’s robust programming goes beyond training to take you to new levels of exploration, engagement and knowledge, both personal and professional. Focusing on both IQ and EQ, Quanta’s curriculum—hundreds of classes, events and speakers for employees at all levels—is designed to help you realize your full potential.

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For Students

Curious and driven? AQR is an ideal place to launch your career and embrace the world. You will connect through our global reach into the financial hubs that set the world’s pace—exposed to everything about how investing works.

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